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Decorative & Building Paints

Kansai Paint's comprehensive range of paints is used extensively for the interiors and exteriors of residential and office buildings, factories and commercial buildings

Besides having a diverse range of colours and textures, Kansai Paint’s products are also environmentally-friendly because many of them are water-borne and high-solid low VOC paints. These have made Kansai products aesthetically pleasing, durable and protective; and at the same time, safer for humans and the environment.

Kansai Paint Singapore is capable of undertaking projects ranging from $500,000 for waterproofing installations, to $10 million for repairs and redecorations under BCA Registration.

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Industrial Coatings

Kansai Paint Singapore is a major supplier serving the electronics and electrical multi-national companies in the region that require high-end coating applications

We have plastic and metal coatings that are applicable over an extensive range of consumer electronic products, industrial machinery, agricultural machinery and building exteriors. Our high performance coating systems meet the needs of industries and expectations of the designers, ensuring protection and care, while complying with environmental regulations.

Kansai Paint Singapore has been manufacturing and supplying automotive refinishes for more than 10 years. We have the technology and expertise to produce a broad spectrum of easy-to-apply, quick-drying paints that give lasting protection and pleasing aesthetics.

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Protective Coatings

Kansai Paint’s heavy-duty coatings are well-known for their toughness and excellent durability

As such, they are widely used in facilities where chemical exposure, high temperatures and humidity, and corrosion are the norm.

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